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Highest Standards in Store Operations & Customer Service
Columbus, OH
833 Bethel Road
Columbus, OH 43214
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Open Today 10AM-7PM
  • Sunday12PM-5PM
  • Monday11AM-8PM
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  • Wednesday11AM-8PM
  • Thursday11AM-8PM
  • Friday10AM-7PM

Music Go Round® is your ultimate used gear resource—we buy used musical instruments all day, every day. We understand the value of your instruments and make it easy for you to sell or trade. Bring your used music gear, such as guitars, drums, amps, bass guitars and pro-sound equipment into either of our stores —we’ll pay you $$$ on the spot—and you take home that must-have piece to your collection.  If you haven't been in lately, you should stop in because our inventory changes daily. And we get some of the craziest mix of gear.  One week we will have 5 accordians, the next week a Fender Rhodes, the next week an early 70's Gretch Country Gentleman, next a Kustom Tuck and Roll head......it goes on.  

Better Business Bureau