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Your Local Columbus Music Go Round

The first Music Go Round store in Columbus was opened in August of 1996 at its present location
at 833 Bethel road, in the Olentangy Plaza Shopping Center. Other popular businesses in the plaza
include the Micro Center computer store, Panera Bread, and CAM (Columbus Asian Market). In 1996,we were the only store in Columbus who would buy your used gear, and we were the only store open on Sundays! (Wow were we busy on Sundays, too!)

On Black Friday in November of 2000, the second Music Go Round store opened in the Stoneridge Plaza Shopping Center at the corner of Morse and Hamilton roads in Gahanna. We were originally on the very end next to PAPA Johns Pizza. (Yes, we ate alot of pizza those first years.) In late 2010, we mover around the corner in Stoneridge Plaza past Krogers, between the Hallmark store and The Asian Gourmet restaurant. (Notice of trend of locating next to food places? There is a plan, here!) Today, we call ourselves the Music Go Round Stores of Columbus!

We are your "GO TO" place for buying and selling your musical instruments in Central Ohio.

We are a great place to stop in, play some music, and interact with other local musicians. You never know who you might see while you are here....................might be that guy you played in a band with in high school, Whatshisname.................

Better Business Bureau