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New Gear

OK, USED GEAR is our bread and butter............but, you gotta have a little jam on top, right? So, we have a full compliment of strings, capos,drum heads, reeds, oils, stands and cables and much more. And if we don't have it in stock, we can probably order it for you and have it in by the next week. Just ask.
What about a great starter guitar for that young person in your life? If we haven't got it used, we carry some great new 3/4 sized acoustic and classical guitars to help them discover the joys of music.

We are please to represent the following national brands NEW:

Boss Art & Lutherie Seagul
Dunlop Electro Harmonix Kustom
Cort Yamaha ProCo
Hosa Hal Leonard Stagg

Please don't forget, USED RULES!